As a small Swiss family company, we have been inventors
for generations and, as such, we never rest on our


HYGA develops and produces high-quality hygiene products for international brand names. With considerable technical knowhow,sophisticated production facilities, a feel for quality and a leanly organised team HYGA combines experience in highlycompetitiveand resource-saving product ranges - because economy and ecology are not mutually exclusive.


HYGA contributes to the success of famous brand names by following the latest trends, developing products, product rangesand packaging, and working in partnership with the best raw materials suppliers. Tried-and-tested cooperative ventures withproduction and trade partners enable it to expand its range of hygiene products.


Quality and Environment

HYGA attaches great importance to high-quality know-how at all levels, especially on the production front, achieving very lowdefect and reject rates. Existing and new products are tested for product performance and product safety in internal and externallaboratory tests as well as in panel tests. Quality management is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and IFS HPC V.2.


 - SQS Certificate (PDF)

-  IQNet Certificate (PDF)

IFS Certificate (PDF)


HYGA checks all product developments and processes for environmental potential. A three-stage optimisation concept opens up a wide field for gradually improving the environmental impact of resource-intensive hygiene products.


- PEFC Certificate

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